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Friday, May 8, 2015

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System Installation Workshop

Part of our Fair Share is our volunteer time organizing the Chico Permaculture Guild. We facilitate monthly gatherings and seasonal workshops as well as participate in local events and other outreach efforts to help our community learn more about permaculture.

A timely workshop that Brian and I are teaching is coming up this month and it's focus is all about rooftop rainwater harvesting. We'll be teaching this workshop at our own property as part of our forest garden development. This workshop is FREE for the community to attend.

All the details are here:

This Hands-on Workshop will teach you how to utilize the RAINWATER we seasonally receive to design and install a rooftop rainwater harvesting system. Having the knowledge and skill to direct rainwater from your rooftop to your landscape increases your property DROUGHT RESILIENCE.
Rainwater Harvesting Potential:
1 inch of rain on a 1000 square foot surface will yield ~600 gallons of water
This workshop is focused on specific techniques and strategies for implementing a permaculture design and directly relates to our May monthly gathering topic, Water Harvesting in a Mediterranean Climate. You don’t need to have attended the gathering though it will help you better understand the activities of the workshop.
Details of the Workshop:  Sunday, May 24th from 11am to 3pm
Permaculture Project Attendees are Participating In: The use of passively harvested rainwater from the house rooftop to the surrounding landscape which is a forest garden in its initial phases.
We will begin the workshop by walking around the project target area to familiarize attendees with the current design for rooftop rainwater collection. We will briefly go over the components of a rainwater harvesting system, rainwater calculations as well as the design strategies employed for this particular project. We will then ask attendees to calculate the total volume of rainwater given a specific rainfall event. Then to also calculate the volume of rainwater for the particular workshop downspout that will distribute rainwater to the earthworks/storage systems within forest garden.
The rest of the workshop will be hands-on for learning specific techniques to:
  • Connect the downspout to the earthworks for distribution to the landscape
  • Create infiltration trenches and basins (earthworks) based on rainfall volume
  • Ensure level infiltration trenches and basins using an A-frame level
  • Ensure access pathways are protected and easily traversed
  • Protect the soil before, during and after the installation

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
If there is interest we can set up a carpool at the Chico Park and Ride [Highway 32 at Fir Street]. Let us know of your interest when you RSVP.

Please leave your pets at home.

For more information contact Stephanie at modcpg@gmail.com or 530-828-6390.

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